Operations Improvement

The frequency of change in the aviation and logistics sectors means that operators are constantly looking for ways to improve, redesign, rebalance and replan their operation. New rules and regulation, new technologies and equipment, new products and services, increased demand, changing customer demographics and profiles… we could go on. Whatever the driver, a change can indeed cause a shift in the operation. This can mean that processes are no longer current, plans are no longer aligned to workload, passenger or product flows are no longer logical, and equipment is no longer as effective. As a result transactions may be slower, congestion and delays may occur, and service levels may slip.


Making operations improvements and integrating change are a core part of our logistics and aviation consulting offering. Our industrial engineering and operations research disciplines, alongside our experience of many international airport and logistics environments, all play an important role in transforming operations.

o&i consulting enables operators to understand existing operations performance, where constraints exist, and where there are opportunities for improvement. We work with client teams to understand how change will impact an operation.


By trialling new rules, equipment and technologies in live operation, we help the client to understand how performance will be affected. We use this hands-on experience to redesign processes and layouts; providing a realistic and achievable solution for the client operation.
What we offer

Process reengineering

Is your operation underperforming or is there a need for change? We develop a full understanding of current processes, where constraints exist, and where change is required. We quantify the effect of constraints, and produce efficient processes that integrate new requirements.

Capacity, throughput and productivity improvement

Our operations planning techniques, process reengineering, and layout design skills all play a role in identifying opportunities to improve throughput, capacity and productivity. We help clients to make better use of existing facilities and improve staff output and as a consequence reduce congestion and waiting times, improve service, improve return on investment, and postpone the need for expansion.

Cost reduction

Do you wish to uncover hidden operating cost reduction opportunities? We work with clients to fully understand their existing operation and identify opportunities to improve planning and operations performance. Results can include reduced staff hours, reduced facility requirements, and consistent achievement of service standards.

Flow management

We take a holistic view of end-to-end passenger, baggage and goods flows. Poor flow in one production area impacts subsequent flows. In addition to optimising flows, we help clients to maintain performance through improved flow management.

Solution implementation

For a good design to work well it needs to be implemented successfully. Our experienced team helps operators to plan and prepare for implementation. We work with training teams to ensure they understand our methods and processes, and we work within the operation to embed new layouts, processes, and procedures in a structured manner.

Project management

Our experienced team realises operations improvements and helps clients to maintain the results and standards we set. Our structured project management approach brings together plans, processes, and people: practical, transferable operations plans and designs, an ability to positively engage stakeholders, and a lot of enthusiasm for success.

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