Operations Design

A good operations design needs to fulfil many requirements, objectives, and expectations. It is important to determine which ones are right for your operation, stakeholders, and product / service profiles. o&i consulting helps clients to achieve these. We work with the client and the many stakeholders in aviation and logistics environments to ensure that an operations design works for all parties.
With a hand-on approach to aviation and logistics consulting, we develop an understanding of existing processes and potential changes, rules and regulations, aspired service and experience. Our designs are practical and efficient. They are future-oriented and flexible. They take commercial requirements into consideration as well as operational.
What we offer

Conceptual and detailed design

With broad experience of designing airport and logistics facilities, we work with operators, architects, engineering companies and other stakeholders to determine the most appropriate design solution based on the specifications, location and nature of the facility. We provide RIBA design support and analysis as part of concept and developed design stages.

Spatial planning

o&i consulting helps clients to plan how space should be distributed within a facility. We look at influencing factors such as commercial and operational drivers, service and industry standards to create justifiable and reliable capacity and spatial plans.

Process design

We design passenger, baggage, cargo and logistics processes for individual operating areas, end-to-end process flows and supply chains. Applying industrial engineering disciplines, we create lean, efficient end-to-end processes that adhere to rules, regulations and service requirements.

Process mapping

Processes can become extremely complex, particularly when there are many parties involved. Our team is experienced in process mapping. We work with all stakeholders involved in a process to understand flows, rules, and requirements, and produce processes that fulfil all necessary steps without duplication and waste.

Layout design

Effective layout design helps to provide for a smooth passenger, baggage or product flow through a facility. We look to make optimal use of capacity while ensuring service, safety and security standards are met, and a customer’s experience is positive.

Passenger flow & queue structure

Passenger flow is an important element of airport operations design. A logical passenger journey helps to avoid queues, congestion, and delays. Our airport consultants advise on queue structures and queue management techniques to make effective use of space and facilities, and minimise waiting times for passengers.

Facilities requirements

o&i consulting understands the many aspects that come into play when establishing the appropriate facility requirements for an operator. In addition to meeting capacity and functionality objectives, we align designs with demographic, product, technological, and industry requirements.

3D artistic drawings

3D artistic drawings and animation help to bring facility and operations design to life. o&i consulting develops 3D drawings that help clients to visualise land use, new facilities and new processes prior to development or implementation, and redesign existing facilities and processes.

Project management

With effective project management from experienced individuals, we help clients to realise operations designs. Our project managers have experience in engaging stakeholders, working to project timelines, and successfully delivering operations design.

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