Reliable baggage operations that consistently deliver a high level of performance play a vital role in providing a seamless travel experience, achieving on-time performance, and reducing costs for operators. o&i consulting analyses the performance of baggage systems and operations, identifies improvement opportunities, and quantifies current and future capacity requirements.

We measure, model and analyse baggage operations. Our detailed approach to demand and capacity analysis helps to identify if systems are functioning to their full potential and if make-up and reclaim operations are performing optimally.

Our analysis helps clients to understand the life of existing baggage facilities, when investment would be required given current performance, and how recommended operations improvements may extend the life of the current facilities and delay future developments.

In analysing baggage operations and creating efficient baggage inbound and outbound flows, we recognise the importance of understanding the variables that contribute to demand and operational performance. We therefore consider the effects of the broader aviation environment, for example check-in and stand allocation when identifying constraints and improvement opportunities, developing solutions and planning baggage operations.

Projects & Case Studies
Fall Back Tag Solution Development for Heathrow
Baggage resilience expertise and implementation for Heathrow
Expertise to support baggage system funding decision
Baggage operational readiness and transfer peer review for IATA
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