Operations Planning

Fundamental to a high-performing operation is the application of the right numbers and a good plan. After all, you may have the best operational design, but if the planning parameters are incorrect, you will inevitably be faced with queues, congestion and dissatisfied customers. We help operators understand their current operation, plan to meet current demand, identify opportunities, and forecast and plan the future.
Our team takes a holistic approach to operations analysis. We design, organise, manage and conduct data collection to ensure that the live operation is measured appropriately with a representative sample size. We develop analytical tools and models to enable operations planning and analysis, and to investigate the effects of different scenarios. Our analysts have significant experience of planning aviation and logistics operations and therefore understand how to appropriately structure the relevant data.
What we offer

Analytics and modelling

We develop complex analytical tools to analyse current and historical data; identify profiles, trends, and operations improvement opportunities; perform scenario analysis; and understand future capacity requirements.

Resource planning and rostering

These services identify opportunities to improve resource planning and utilisation, for example by better aligning capacity and demand, and applying alternative resourcing strategies. We produce plans and rosters to enable clients to operate more efficiently.

Capacity and demand planning

Queues and congestion when you least expect them, or idle resources at an anticipated busy time? Our consultancy team helps aviation and logistics clients to better understand demand patterns, and align facility and resource capacity to improve efficiency and service.

Allocation planning

Clients benefit from facility and resource allocation plans designed according to current demand profiles and an understanding of transaction times. We ensure service standards are maintained, and help to achieve cost savings and improved productivity.


Through detailed analysis of current and historical data, industry trends and outlooks, economic factors, and other relevant influences, o&i’s analysts produce current and justified forecasts for aviation and logistics operators.

Resilience and contingency planning

The aviation industry is no stranger to disruption. We work with client teams to determine the situations that may arise, to quantify their potential impact, and to ensure they have a structured, robust plan to prepare for and respond to unexpected events.

Survey management and analysis

We provide complete survey management for clients or selected elements of the market research / survey process based on their requirements and objectives: survey design and structuring, data collection, data entry, data analysis, reporting and project management.

Operations planning for sporting events

A key challenge for airports posed by major sporting events such as the Olympic Games is managing the surges in passenger and baggage demand on peak days. We provide operations planning and forecasting to ensure the operator is fully prepared. More on our services for major sporting events

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