Sporting Event Logistics

Major sporting events, in particular the Olympic Games, are a unique experience for an airport, and require well planned and executed operational and logistics developments, that are thoroughly tested and robust in time for a fixed deadline. A key challenge for airports posed by The Games and other major events is managing the surges in passenger and baggage demand on peak days, in particular the main departure days. The emphasis is on absolute preparedness to avoid a negative impact on the operation.

This requires advanced planning, an understanding of preparing for such events, and coordinated project management by a consistent and reliable team. It means addressing all aspects of the operation, providing accurate capacity and resource planning, smooth processes and active management, robust security procedures, good passenger preparation and effective communication strategies for the end-to-end processes. o&i consulting supported Sydney International Airport in 2000, Athens International Airport in 2004, and London Heathrow Airport in 2012 in the lead up to and during the Olympic Games in their respective Host Cities.
What we offer

Olympic arrivals and departures logistics advice

We are well equipped to provide reliable advice and support to aviation and transportation companies for major sporting events. Our credentials include experience of planning and designing arrivals and departures logistics for three host airports for the Olympic Games, airport capacity planning for the 2022 Football World Cup and helping many aviation and logistics companies through seasonal peaks.

Operations planning

Good, early planning plays a key role in delivering the right capacity for a major event. To help plan for such high levels of demand, our team produces forecasts and develops well-structured, detailed planning models that enable scenario testing. For more advanced planning stages, we support clients with our scheduling, rostering, and allocation skills.

Operating plan development

The o&i team created the overall operating plans for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games for a host city airport. This included all terminal arrival, departure and baggage operations for the main airport, a temporary passenger facility for the Olympics, and a remote check-in operation in the Athletes’ Village.

Operations improvement and design

During a major sporting event, it is important to ensure all airport processes are capable of handling the additional passenger, baggage and cargo volumes, whilst maintaining service levels for all other airport customers. Our aviation consultants help operators to determine where capacity requirements will be, whether there are opportunities to optimise processes, or how additional capacity should be created.

Process implementation

Rigorous trialling and testing of new and changed processes is imperative prior to a major event like the Olympics. We work in partnership with airport, airline and handler stakeholders in advance of live Olympic operations to ensure teams are fully familiar with new processes and to test end-to-end processes under high loads,

Operations management

Success is dependent on good plans and designs being executed well in live operation. Within our team are experienced operations managers who have helped to deliver successful Olympic terminal, remote check-in and vehicle operations.

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