Reliable baggage operations that consistently deliver a high level of performance play a vital role in providing a seamless travel experience, achieving on-time performance, and reducing costs for operators. Our aviation consultants analyse the performance of baggage operations and systems, identify improvement opportunities, and quantify current and future capacity requirements.


We measure, model and analyse baggage operations. o&i consulting’s detailed approach to demand and capacity analysis helps to identify if systems, make-up and reclaim operations are performing optimally. Our analysis helps airport clients to understand the life of existing baggage facilities, when investment would be required given current performance, and how recommended operations improvements may extend the life of the current facilities and delay future developments.


In analysing baggage operations and creating efficient inbound and outbound flows, our baggage experts recognise the importance of understanding the variables that contribute to demand and operational performance. We therefore consider the effects of the broader aviation environment, e.g. check-in and stand allocation when identifying constraints and improvement opportunities, developing solutions and planning baggage operations.


Furthermore, our aviation consultants work with operators to develop contingency and resilience plans for their baggage operations. Identifying the most appropriate and available solutions for the client, we ensure they are prepared with a set of processes and actions to respond robustly in times of difficulty and disruption.


What we offer
  • Baggage capacity and demand analysis and planning
  • End-to-end baggage process analysis and optimisation
  • Baggage hall capacity improvement
  • Baggage make-up position planning and allocation improvement
  • Baggage reclaim facilities planning and allocations
  • Demand-driven allocation tools
  • Baggage operations strategy
  • Contingency planning and resilience strategy development
  • Baggage system ORAT leadership and expertise
  • Baggage operations design, implementation and management for special events eg Olympic Games

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