Warehouse and Distribution Centre Operations

Whatever its purpose, a warehouse or distribution centre typically needs to satisfy customer product and service demand, while operating efficiently and maximising the utilisation of space, equipment, and resources. The performance of the operation plays an important role in the level of service delivered to the end customer and affects the reputation of the companies involved in the supply chain.


o&i’s combination of industrial engineering and operations research skills lends itself well to improving the performance of warehouse operations.

Our approach identifies opportunities to improve the end-to-end goods flow; applying lean principles to reengineer processes, eliminate waste, and ensure facilities and resources are utilised effectively. We employ our analytical skills to understand flow patterns, quantify improvement opportunities, and deliver improved planning techniques.


Clients benefit from reduced lead times, improved order fulfilment and delivery performance, and reduced inventory and operating costs.

What we offer
  • Process mapping and material / information flow documentation
  • Facility operations layout design
  • Process reengineering, including procedures and work methods
  • Warehouse process reengineering
  • Warehouse operations analysis and quantification of improvement opportunities
  • Capacity planning and modelling
  • Workload, resource and equipment planning

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