Service Industries

Operations research (OR) and industrial engineering (IE) skills and their outcomes are relevant for and of benefit to many sectors. Increasingly, service organisations are approaching us, requesting our core capabilities and experience to make a difference within their business.


Service quality, continuous improvement, and cost effectiveness are themes at the heart of most organisations. OR and IE have a direct relevance to these topics; they are areas where o&i consulting frequently help clients improve their performance. Cost savings, increased capacity and productivity, improved service, practical solutions to operational issues, and the confidence to make informed business decisions, are just some of the outcomes from our work.


Our approach is structured and methodical. It is important to have a thorough understanding of the challenge at hand; we spend time with the client within their business, observing, measuring, and analysing the relevant factors.


For us, the next steps depend on the issue and what the client wishes to get out of the project.


We apply operational research techniques to analyse data, perform business and operations modelling, and identify where opportunities exist. We utilise our industrial engineering skills to understand the dynamics behind poor performance and to (re)design processes and layouts.

Of course, there are times when a client simply wishes for an independent viewpoint or sector advice; we adapt our approach appropriately. Here are some examples of how our OR and IE skills have directly benefited service organisations:

  • Assessment and analysis of a telecoms customer service department, including call centre; identifying opportunities to improve performance measurement and analysis, streamline case resolution and feedback processes, and address IT systems in order to reduce errors.
  • Analysis for travel retailers to provide an understanding of the potential impact of changes to EU LAGs regulations and the introduction of new LEDS screening equipment.
  • Due diligence support to investors including leading operational due diligence phases, opex modelling, capacity and demand modelling and improvement strategies for airports in Europe, Asia, USA and Australia.
  • Baggage systems and operations expertise and cost analysis to an investment bank to support a funding decision.
  • A study and analysis of performance drivers for short term car parking at Sydney Airport; market research to understand airport passenger ground transport choices; and benchmarking of car parking technologies.
  • Express parcel and logistics industry advice to various banking institutions.
What we offer
  • Business and operations measurement and analysis
  • Planning, forecasting, and modelling
  • Facility layout design
  • Process mapping and design
  • End-to-end vehicle / goods / product / people flow design
  • Queue structure and queue management
  • Performance improvement
  • Due diligence and business appraisal
  • Sector expertise and advice
  • Programme & project management
  • Olympics logistics planning and management

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