o&i consulting takes a practical approach to designing and optimising distribution and warehouse operations. We apply insights from the aviation and integrator sectors, alongside our logistics expertise and core industrial engineering and operational research capabilities. Clients value our cost reduction solutions, focus on efficiency, alternative perspectives and practices, and hands on approach to managing and integrating change.


In tough times, we help logistics clients to reduce costs, for example, by fulfilling order demand and distribution tasks with less facilities, equipment or people; without jeopardising customer service. In good economic times, clients benefit from our ability to make best use of existing warehouse and distribution capacity or deliver efficient, additional capacity.


Our team has significant experience in supporting logistics organisations through the process of fully or partially automating their operations; introducing new systems or expanding existing ones. Depending on the requirements of the client, we provide expert support or total project management through feasibility studies, design and equipment selection through to system integration, operations transition and final handover.


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Warehouse Operations

Transport Hub and Public Building Logistics