Surveys and Studies

Often clients wish to better understand their current operation, quantify the potential impact of change, or gain a deeper insight into industry developments or trends. There may be a requirement to determine how demand has evolved; how processes, equipment and layouts need to be updated to meet changing customer behaviours, new regulations or technological enhancements. Or clients may, more broadly, wish to identify industry constraints, opportunities and best practices; how certain practices, resources and technologies are being employed throughout the sector; and trends amongst airport types.


o&i consulting performs and manages transport operations surveys and sector studies, enabling clients to better understand their operation, customers, and sector. We perform end-to-end studies and surveys, from design to reporting, or individual elements of the process as required.
In terms of live operational surveys, we follow a structured process to ensure we deliver a detailed set of appropriate and usable results to our clients: we establish the relevant data requirements to achieve the project objectives, design and structure the survey, manage the data collection phase and collect live operational data as well as source historical statistics, perform data entry, conduct indepth data analysis and modelling, and report on findings and identify opportunities.

For wider industry studies, the process varies according to the subject matter and the client objectives. Depending on the number, nature and geographical spread of the study participants, we decide which information collection medium is most appropriate; it may include one or a combination of online survey, live operational surveys, email questionnaire, telephone or live interviews, or stakeholder workshops. The information collected is structured, analysed and combined with our own expertise and other information sources to deliver a comprehensive set of findings to the client.


Our operational research team has strong statistical, analytical and data management capabilities, and broad experience of working with large data sets. They confidently identify the relevant information to collect, how best to source it remotely or collect it from within client operations, and how to appropriately structure and present analysis ensuring results are clearly communicated graphically and verbally.

What we offer
  • End-to-end studies and survey project design and management
  • Establishing data requirements and collection method
  • Survey structuring and design
  • Data collection, coordination and management of data collectors in live operation
  • Sourcing historical statistics

  • Data entry
  • Data structuring, analysis and modelling
  • Identification of constraints, trends, opportunities etc
  • Reporting on findings and presentation of results

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