Capacity Planning & Improvement

Capacity Planning & Improvement

With the high costs associated with airport expansion, it is essential to fully utilise available capacity at existing facilities and, when development is necessary, to ensure any new equipment and infrastructure is carefully planned to meet the airport’s capacity requirements into the future.

Often the maximum potential of an operation has not been realised. Our independent perspective and expertise in process analysis and improvement can help to identify untapped capacity and develop practical strategies to make best use of it.

o&i’s consultants spend time in live operations, observing and measuring activities and the use of equipment, to understand current performance and where constraints and under-used potential exist. Bespoke solutions – which may entail, for example, process reengineering, layout redesign or new procedures depending on client requirements – are developed and trialled to achieve the capacity potential.

For new developments or future events, such as major sporting events, we apply our practical experience, analytical skills and industry knowledge to help operators, engineering companies and architects determine capacity requirements and the potential capacity of operational processes and production areas. Scenario modelling is based on realistic operational performance data to support the client in ensuring that designs are relevant and will meet future volumes.

We also help clients to plan and meet capacity needs during construction periods. Often facilities are still required to be functional and provide a positive customer experience, while development activities progress, affecting different parts of the operation at different times. o&i consulting enables clients to be best prepared for these changes.


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