Goods-In Waste-Away Analysis and Solution Development for Stansted Airport

The challenge

Stansted Airport was in the process of expanding and updating its facilities. Stansted Transformation Programme was established to develop an infrastructure solution that will accommodate the forecast demand and make best use of the single runway, equating to approximately 43 million passengers per annum (mppa).

Appointed to develop the design for phases two and three of the transformation programme, Pascall + Watson commissioned o&i consulting to provide logistics expertise in the design of a fully integrated Goods-In Waste-Away (GIWA) solution for the airport.


Our role

With a view to fully understanding the current GIWA operation at Stansted Airport, o&i consulting assessed and summarised existing facilities and flows including vehicles, media and vertical circulation, documenting key constraints, inefficiencies, drivers and improvement opportunities. As part of this ‘as is’ assessment, we analysed peak volumes and frequencies for goods and waste flows.

Looking ahead, our team forecast peak logistics volumes that could be expected for passenger demand of 43 mppa and broke this down by GIWA process area including bay / dock demand, yard space, storage, waste processing and staging, and vertical circulation. We created a set of guiding principles for the design of GIWA flows at the new facilities.

Reviewing the Stage 2 terminal design operations, o&i consulting was able to advise the client on a number of areas including potential issues and risks for the GIWA flows, the feasibility of proposed layouts, facilities and movement paths, and where capacity shortfalls may exist.  Based on our feedback, we recommended future flows and processes appropriate to the design.


o&i expertise

  • Information gathering and data sourcing
  • Process / flow mapping, analysis and design
  • Identification of limitations / inefficiencies and solutions
  • Model development
  • Capacity analysis
  • Scenario modelling and analysis
  • Volume forecasting
  • Design review and feasibility assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Reporting


Project Key Facts

Title: Goods-In Waste-Away Analysis and Solution Development for Stansted Airport

Client: Pascall + Watson

Theme: Goods-In Waste-Away