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NEW FLYER: Facility Development Operations Support

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17th October 2022

Terminal developments, whether expanding and modernising existing buildings or constructing brand new facilities, need to satisfy the complex and conflicting requirements of a large number of stakeholders. With many demands on available space – retail, operations, logistics, passengers and baggage to name a few – and many flows moving around this space in varying numbers across the day, our team appreciates the challenge in delivering design plans that meet the requirements of all parties while realising opportunities to create effective, future-oriented facilities and maximising investment.

For new facility developments, o&i consulting provides specialist, independent operations advice and support, helping transport facility operators, engineering companies and architects to create, from an early stage, plans and designs that will function effectively from an operational perspective. If construction activities encroach on live operation, our team helps clients to temporarily redesign and manage demand during evolving development phases.

Download our flyer to learn more about how we support infrastructure development programmes with operations expertise: Facility Development Operations Support

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