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TESTIMONIAL: Integration of an automated system for Asendia UK

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26th June 2023

o&i consulting project managed the integration of an automated sorting system and over-labelling robots for Asendia UK.

Over a two year period, our team led the delivery of the overall automation programme as well as providing Asendia with subject matter expertise, incorporating design revisions, and overseeing the installation of the technical solution. The attached flyer provides more information on our role in this project: Read more

Luis Barros, Chief Operations Officer at Asendia UK had these words to say about our work:

“Asendia UK partnered with o&i consulting in 2018, when they supported redesigning part of the operational flows in our Heathrow hub.

 A complex new automation project was launched in 2020, and we had no doubt about partnering with o&i again to manage all aspects of the endeavour. The new undertaking: to automate sorting and labelling of cross-border parcels, with one single movement.

This was a very complex project, involving new and innovative sortation and robotic technology. It was also a significant and important investment on behalf of Asendia UK, in developing the quality of our hubs and delivering innovation and improvement to our customers.

 o&i consulting successfully managed all the complexities of the project, dealing and building relations with the various global external and internal stakeholders, in order to ensure the project deliverables matched the requirements and targets set up by us. From design, commissioning, project management, testing and launch, the o&i team supported Asendia UK through all stages of the project until its completion. The result was a successful launch in 2022, and an automated system considered state-of-the-art within the cross-border parcel industry.”

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