Study on the Protection of Landside Areas at airports for the European Commission

The Challenge

Following terrorist attacks at Brussels and Istanbul airports, DG MOVE commissioned o&i consulting to conduct a confidential study regarding the protection of public areas at airports. The purpose of the study was to assess the most effective ways of performing and improving landside security.


Our role

Through a series of workshops, o&i consulting gathered and analysed information from eleven European airports with ranging sizes, locations and security related histories to understand how each addressed landside security. From the combined results of our research, our team identified trends, variations and overriding themes, rather than directly comparing individual airport results, enabling us to provide the European Commission with an overall view of the status of landside security at European airports.

Recognising that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not relevant for airports, we provided feedback on the maturity of and opportunities for a variety of areas including information sharing, accountabilities, mitigations and risk assessments, and developed a set of recommendations for the industry to enable the development of better landside security practices. The study concluded with an o&i led multi-stakeholder workshop to gain a collective view of our findings and recommendations and discuss a mutual way forward. Given the sensitive nature of the project it was not published, however the content was shared with the Commission, individual states and EU’s Stakeholder Advisory Group for Aviation Security (SAGAS).


o&i expertise

  • Industry research
  • Workshop set up and facilitation
  • Information gathering and recording
  • Data analysis
  • Solution identification and recommendation
  • Aviation and security expertise
  • Reporting


Project Key Facts

Title: Study on the Protection of Landside Areas at airports for the European Commission

Client: The European Commission

Theme: Aviation Security