Development of a cargo operating plan for Qatar Cargo

The challenge

Qatar Airways wished to develop its cargo ground handling operations at Doha Airport. As part of this process, it was proposed to transfer Qatar Airways’ complete freighter handling activity to Qatar Airways Cargo. The cargo airline approached o&i consulting to perform a study of this proposed transfer; they also asked us to recommend how it could effectively manage this operation.

Our role

o&i consultants developed an operating plan, including manpower and equipment requirements, operations timelines and key performance metrics. We produced standard operating plans, proposing how QAS Cargo could effectively manage the operation to deliver reliable and efficient operations.

Our key deliverables during the project were:

  • Detailed analysis of the tasks and a statement of the skills, people and equipment needed for QAS Cargo to handle its freighter operation in-house at Doha
  • A design for the new operation developed to be effective today, sustainable and able to form a part of the transition program to the NDIA, providing the basis for an effective freighter handling operation at the NDIA
  • A set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the parts of the operation not in existence today
  • Transition plans from the current handling operations to in-house handling for QAS Cargo of the freighter operations including an assessment of the decisions to be taken and the preparation to be completed
  • A set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) designed to concentrate management attention on the most important metrics for this new operation and to provide them with important measures for success

The planned operation seeks to minimise transport around the airport for cargo, minimise congestion at the hub, and incorporate new concepts for control and organisation that will serve Qatar Airways Cargo and QAS Cargo well at the NDIA.

o&i consulting also identified some further improvement and development opportunities for the business to improve performance and assist in the transition to NDIA.

o&i expertise on this project

  • Cargo handling operations assessment
  • Capacity assessment
  • Operations planning
  • Operations design and development of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Transition planning
  • Cargo and ground handling operations expertise and experience


Project Key Facts

Title: Development of a cargo operating plan for Qatar Cargo

Client: Qatar Airways Cargo

Theme: Cargo Operations