The aircraft boarding process must satisfy many expectations. Different airlines and handlers will have different goals depending on their service and cost objectives. Airports and passengers are primarily concerned with the passenger experience. Security is in the interest of all parties. And no one wishes to be faced with delays.


As automated products become more widespread in aviation, more airport and airline operators are introducing self-boarding technology. For the technology to work as desired, it needs to provide sufficient capacity and function within a well-planned layout, with efficient end-to-end processes that meet aviation security regulations.

Implemented in a planned and structured manner, self-boarding products help to reduce congestion in airports, improve service for passengers, and costs for airlines and handlers. Members of our team not only have a broad understanding of the available and potential technologies for the airport industry, they also ensure they are integrated effectively into aviation operations. We have had a long-term contract working with a major hub airport to develop, trial and implement automation in the departure journey.
What we offer
  • Stand planning
  • Automated boarding strategies
  • Self-boarding product requirements specifications
  • Self-boarding product solution development
  • End-to-end boarding process analysis
  • End-to-end boarding process design
  • Capacity and facilities planning
  • Process and technology trial design, set up, and management
  • Project management and stakeholder engagement
  • Issues management and contingency planning

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