Determining target times for PRM service standards at Heathrow

Arrivals Heathrow

The challenge

A recent extension to Heathow’s contract with its PRM service provider included a number of new and revised SLAs. It was agreed that two of the SLAs would be explored further in order to ascertain a current, achievable level of performance.


o&i consulting was asked by HAL to conduct a time and motion study on the PRM disembarkation process at Heathrow, in order to provide evidence based metrics to populate one of the SLAs. The objective was to determine realistic times and recommend appropriate baseline metrics to reflect the aircraft types that operate short, medium and long haul flights.


Our role

Working alongside the HAL PRM service provider, o&i consulting conducted 174 audits of the PRM disembarkation process, across all Heathrow terminals, spread across long, medium and shorthaul arrivals, and covering a variety of aircraft types.


The flight based data was analysed to determine final PRM passenger disembarkation times for the 50th, 90th, 95th and 98th percentiles, using a range of metrics based on aircraft features. At the same time as gathering the data, the o&i team recorded observations relating to each flight, to provide context and explanations for unusually long or short PRM disembarkation times.


From our observations and analysis we were able to make a number of recommendations both in terms of revising the SLA criteria and process optimisation.


Our analysis identified a number of metrics that could be amended to make disembarkation SLAs more relevant to the aircraft size, and therefore target more realistic process times. We advised on appropriate actions to achieve this and ensure the times are more accurately measured. It was also clear that implementing process improvement opportunities would have a significant positive effect on PRM disembarkation times as well as customer service.


o&i expertise

  • Operations measurement and observation
  • Process improvement
  • Service standard definition
  • Analysis and modelling
  • Reporting


Project Key Facts

Title: Determining target times for PRM service standards at Heathrow

Client: Heathrow

Theme: Service Standards