Risk Assessment for a Medium-Sized European Airport

The challenge

Following changes in security responsibilities, the operator of a medium-sized EU airport wished to revisit and update its risk assessments and reassess its exposure liabilities.

The airport approached o&i consulting to perform an independent risk assessment of its security related operations, determine the likelihood and impact of identified risks and recommend any mitigation measures required. Additionally, our team was asked to evaluate the airport’s security measures against industry best practices.


Our role

To form an in-depth understanding of the current risk environment, our team conducted an initial research and information gathering phase in conjunction with the client. Spending time at the airport in question, we assessed all access points to the Critical Part of the Security Restricted Area, landside roads and relevant infrastructure. From an administrative perspective, we evaluated roles and responsibilities for airside and landside security areas, reviewed standard operating procedures and existing risk assessments, conducting stakeholder interviews and workshops to fully understand current processes, systems and controls.

This review provided us with necessary detail to complete a thorough assessment of all security related risks based on current operations. For each individual area of interest, we established the nature of the risk, likelihood of occurrence based on current operating procedures and the potential impact. Where appropriate, o&i proposed mitigations against those risks and re-assessed the risk in light of such changes. Our team documented the risk assessments, providing the client with a structure and process that can be employed for future assessments.

Adding further depth to the risk assessment, we advised the client airport on ‘best practice’ mitigations employed at other airports and suggested solutions for consideration by the security team to reduce current risk or for future reference, for example should the national threat level increase.

The airport used our work to liaise with its insurance broker to support their assessment of security related liability.


o&i expertise

  • Observation and assessment of airport infrastructure and processes
  • Information gathering and evaluation
  • Stakeholder interviews and workshops
  • Security risk assessment
  • Documentation of risk assessment
  • Airport best practices
  • Recommendation of mitigations and solutions
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Presentation and reporting

Project Key Facts

Title: Risk Assessment for a Medium-Sized European Airport

Client: Medium-Sized European Airport

Theme: Aviation Security